About Us

The Rahway Yacht Club, established in 1904, has a long history in town. The early part of the century was marked by a time when people had time to spent among friends and social groups. Many fun-filled day trips and weekend excursions were begun here. Today the club is still strong with almost 60 members. The Club is host to many events throughout the year, the Commodore's Ball, Opening Day, Caribbean Chicken Night, Dock Party and Closing Day (Oktober Fest themed), just to name a few. The Club also hosts "All You Can Eat" breakfasts from November to March on everyother weekend. The Yacht Club also has a Ladies Auxillary which helps out with events and also host their own events like the popular Spaghetti Dinner and Chili Cook-Off. Please see our Calendar of Events page for information on all club events which are open to the public

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